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Major Muirson Thrower Blake

at Christian Cemetery, Gwalior

Major Muirson Thrower Blake
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Photo by John Kendall
Major Muirson Thrower Blake
Comdg 2nd Regt Gwalior Contingt
who was shot by the mutineers
at Gwalior
on entering th[e] ??? Regt
on the night [of] ?? June 1857
In h[is] ??? Year
His remains were interred here by
some Sepoys of his Regt.
This monument is raised by his afflicted
Widow who, while mourning her irreparable
loss, sorrows not as those who have no hope,
For if we believe that Jesus died and
rose again even them also which sleep in
Jesus will God bring with him" 1st Thes 4th ch 14th V
"Oh Death where is thy sting, oh grave where
is thy victory
Thanks be to God who giveth as the victory
through our Lord Jesus Christ" 1st Cor 15th Ch

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