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Vans Agnew Monument

Monument of Willaim Anderson at St Pauls Cathedral, Calcutta

Vans Agnew Monument
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Photo by Sylvia Murphy
Not near this stone nor in any consecrated grounds
But on the extreme frontier of the British Indian Empire
lie the remains of
Bengal Civil Service
Lieut 1st Bombay Fusilier Regt
Assistants to the Resident at Lahore
Who being deputed by the Government to relieve
At his own request
Dewan Moulraj Viceroy of Moultan
Of the Fortress and authority which he held
Were attacked and wounded by the garrison
On the 18th April 1848
And being treacherously deserted by the Sikh escort
Were on the following day
In flagrant breach of national faith and hospitality
Barbarously murdered
In the udgah under the walls of Moultan
Thus fell these two young public servants
At the age of 25 and 28 years
Full of high hopes, bare talents and promise of future usefulness
Even in their deaths doing their country honour
Wounded and forsaken they could offer no resistance
But hand in hand calmly awaited the onset of their assailants
Nobly they refused to yield
Foretelling the day when thousands of Englishmen
Should come to avenge their death
And destroy Moulraj, his army and fortress
History records how the prediction was fulfilled
They were buried with military honors
On the summit of the captured citadel
On the 24th January 1849
The annexation of the Punjab to the British Empire
Was the result of the war
Of which their assassination was the commencement.

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