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Lieutenant-Colonel James Achilles Kirkpatrick

Monument of James Achilles Kirkpatrick at St Johns Church, Calcutta

Lieutenant-Colonel James Achilles Kirkpatrick
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Photo by Sylvia Murphy
To the memory of Lieut-Colonel James Achilles Kirkpatrick
Of the Honorable East India Company’s Military Establishment of Fort St George,
Who, after filing the distinguished Station as Resident at the Court of Hyderabad upwards of nine years, and successfully conducting during that period various important negotiations,
Died at Calcutta 15th October 1805 aged 41 years
This Monument is erected by his afflicted father and brothers.
Transcendental art! Whose magic skill alone,
Can soften rock and animate a stone,
By symbol mark the heart, reflect the head
And raise a living image from the deaf!
Cease from these toils, and lend the chisel’s grace
To filial virtues courting your embrace.

These relate his pride, his transport and relief,
A fathers tears commemorate with grief
Still while their genial lustre cheers his breast
Emits a ray that points to blissful rest
Hope build on Faith, affections balm and cure
Divinely whispers “Their reward is sure.” [J.K.]

[see also The Bengal Obituary pps 31-33]

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