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Martha Eyles Monument

Monument of John Gumley at St Johns Church, Calcutta

Martha Eyles Monument
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Photo by Sylvia Murphy
Inside of Job Charnocks mausoleum
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Photo by Patrick Horton
Virtus post somera Vivit

This Monument was
erected in Memory of
Daughter of Sir John
Witiewrong Barront &
Relict of John Gumley
Esqr who died Chief of
Dacca in January 1742/3
Being again married a short
Time to Edward Eyles Esqr
of Council at Fort Willm
She concluded this life wth
a becoming Resignation
the 21st of Aug 1748
Being well esteemed & much
regretted by those who were ac[-]
quainted with Her engag[-]
ing Qualifications & per[-]
sonal Merit

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