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H.M. 90th Light Infantry

Monument of Arthur Moultrie at Residency Cemetery, Lucknow

H.M. 90th Light Infantry
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Photo by John Kendall
H.M. 90th Light Infantry

Erected by the officers of H.M. 90 Light Infantry in memory
of their comrades who fell during the Indian Rebellion of 1857
& 1858 and as a tribute to their gallantry

Colonel Robert P. Campbell C.B. died of his wounds at Lucknow 12th November 1857
Major Roger Barnston died o his wounds at Cawnpore 23rd December 1857
Brevet Major James Perrin died of his wounds at AlumBagh 30th September 1857
Captain Harry Denison died of his wounds at Lucknow 29th October 1857
Lieutenant Nicol Graham killed in action at AlumBagh 23rd Sept 1857
Lieutenant John Joshua Nunn killed in action at AlumBagh 24th Sept 1857
Lieutenant Arthur Moultrie killed in action at Lucknow 26th September 1857
Lieutenant W H L Carleton died of small pox at Lucknow 10th April 1858
Lieutenant R G Synce died of consumption at Lucknow 8th September 1858
Lieutenant N Preston died of his wounds at AlumBagh 27th September 1857
Ensign Arthur Chute died of dyssentry at Calcutta 23rd February 1858
Ensign Hugh Gordon died of coup de soleil at Lucknow 28th May 1858
Assistant Surgeon R Nelson died of fever 18th August 1857
Also to the memory of 271 non-commissioned officers and privates of the Regiment who fell
in the gallant performance of their duty at the Relief the Defence and the Capture of Lucknow
and during the subsequent campaign in Oudh

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