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84th (York and Lancaster) Regiment

Monument of W. Poole at Residency Cemetery, Lucknow

84th (York and Lancaster) Regiment
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Photo by John Kendall
84th York and Lancaster Regiment

To the memory of
Lieut Col C Seymour
Capt F Currie Capt R Pakenham
Lieut B Sandwith Lieut F Saunders
Lieut H Avton Lieut P Chute
Lieut A Gibaut Lieut W Poole
Lieut R Maybury Ensign H Kenny
Paymaster G Eddy QrMaster H Donelan
of the 84th York and Lancaster Regiment who were
Killed, died of their wounds, or of disease during the
Indian Mutiny campaign nobly performing their duty

To behold the devotion, gallantry and true discipline
displayed by the above at all times and on all occasions
this monument is erected by the officers of the Regt

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