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1st Duke of York's Own Lancers (Skinners Horse) Commandants

Monument of C. Davis at St James Church, Delhi

1st Duke of York's Own Lancers (Skinners Horse) Commandants
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Commandants of the 1st Duke of York"s Own Lancers
(Skinners Horse)
Col. James Skinner C.B. From 10-3-1803 to 4-12-1841
Major L.H. Smith From 5-12-1841 to 9-12-1849
Col. Crawford T. Chamberlain From 10-11-1849 to 4-8-1867
Col. W.R.E. Alexander From 5-8-1867 to 31-3-1876
Col. R. Jenkins From 1-4-1876 to 9-9-1880
Col. A.R. Chapman From 10-9-1880 to 9-9-1887
Col. R. Morris From 10-9-1887 to 9-9-1894
Col. R.F. Gartside-Tipping C.B. From 10-9-1894 to 9-9-1901
Col. C.H. Hayes From 10-9-1901 to 31-3-1907
Col. C. Davis From 1-4-1907 to 31-3-1912
Col. C. Bailey From 1-4-1912 to 4-12-1914
Col. G. Holland Pryor M.V.O., D.S.O. From 5-12-1914 to 6-7-1916
Lt. Col. F.D. Russell From 7-7-1916 to 8-7-1920
Lt. Col. E.C.W. Conway-Gordon C.I.E From 17-4-1921 to 28-5-1924
Lt. Col. V.A. Coaker D.S.O. From 23-5-1924 to 8-4-1927
(The Regiment was amalgamated with the 3rd Skinner"s
Horse on 1st May 1921 and became the 1st Duke of York"s
Own Skinner"s Horse).

This tablet has been erected by
Lieut Stanley E. Skinner, 1st Duke of York"s Own Lancers
Grandson of the late Colonel James Skinner C.B.
by whom the Regiment was raised and this Church was built,
in memory of the visit to this Church
on September ??th of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales
Colonel in chief of Skinner"s Horse

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