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74th Regiment N.I.

Monument of J.D. Smith at St James Church, Delhi

74th Regiment N.I.
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Photo by John Kendall
Sacred to the memory of the ???
officers of the 74th Regiment N.I. who fell victims to the mutineers

Bt Major Sir G. Parker Bart ... Killed in Sir H Wheeler"s Entrenchment Cawnpore
Captain C Gordon ... Killed at Cashmere Gate Delhi 9th May [1857]
Captain J.W.B. Blagrave ... Died at Sangot 9th October 1857 from ???
Captain G.H. Monck Mason ... Political Agent Joudpore. Killed in Rajpootana
Captain F.J. Burgess ... Killed at Jhansi 8th June 1857
Lieutenant M.H. Reveley ... Killed at the Cashmere Gate Delhi, 11th May [1857]
Lieutenant J.D. Smith ... Killed at the Cashmere Gate Delhi 11th May [1857]
[These look like the 10th and 8th but can"t be since the Mutineers arrived in Delhi from Meerut on the 11th, The Mutiny hadn"t even started on the 8th. The survivors of the initial outbreak that day collected at the Cashmere Gate where many were massacred by their guard, however some did manage to escape]
Lieutenant H.F.M. Hyslop ... Murdered near the Hindun while escaping from Delhi
Lieutenant The Honble H. R. Addington ... Killed at Delhi the 11th May 1857
O God the heathen are come into thine inheritance thy ???
people have they defiled, and made Jerusalem an heap of stones
The dead bodies of thy servants have they given to be meat unto
the fowls of the air and the flesh of thy saints unto the beasts of the land.
Their blood they shed like water on every side of Jerusalem
and there was no man to bury them. Psalm LXXXIX, Verse 1 ???

This Tablet was erected by their brother officers as a mark of their
affectionate esteem and sincere regret for their sad and untimely end

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