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Mutiny Memorial - List of Actions

Monument of W.H. Mountsteven at Mutiny Memorial The Ridge, Delhi

Mutiny Memorial - List of Actions
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Photo by John Kendall
List of actions fought at or near
Delhi by The Delhi Field Force from
30th May to 20th Spetember 1857
Battle of the Hindun - MAY 30th
Battle of Ghazee Bodee Nucur - MAY 31st
" Badlee Sepai - JUNE 8th
Affairs at Hindu Rao"s - JUNE 9th
" " - JUNE 10th
" " - JUNE 11th
Attacks on the Flag staff Tower
and Subzee Mundee - JUNE 12th
Attack on Metcalf Piquet - JUNE 13th
Action of KissenGunge - JUNE 17th
Attacks on British Camps - JUNE 19th & 20th
Action of the Subzee Mundee - JUNE 23rd
Attack on " - JUNE 27th
Attack on " - JUNE 30th
Action of Alipore - JULY 4th
Attack on British Camp - JULY 9th
Actions of the Subzee Mundi - JULY 14th & 18th
Affair of the Trevelyn Gunge - JULY 20th
Action of Metcalfe House - JULY 23rd
Action of Kissengunge - AUGUST 1st
Action of Koodsea Bagh - AUGUST 12th
Battle of Nujufgurh - AUGUST 25th

THE SIEGE No. 1 Battery Made & Armed SEPT 7th
No. 2 Breaching Battery Made & Armed SEPT 8th, 9th&10th
No. 3 Breaching Battery Made & Armed SEPT 10th & 11th
No. 4 Mortar Battery Made & Armed "
No. 5 Mortar Battery Made & Armed "
Breaching and Bombardment SEPT 11th, 12th&13th
Capture of the Magazine SEPT 16th
Capture of the Palace SEPT 19th
City finally evacuated by the Enemy SEPT 20th

Left Panel
Asst Surgeon S. Moore
6th Dragoon Guards
Lieut Colonel R.A. Yule
9th Lancers
Lieuts. W.W. Pogson & W.R. Webb
H.M. 8th The Kings Regiment

Right Panel
Lieut W.H. Mountsteven
H.M. [8]th The Kings Regiment
Lieut J.H. Bradshaw
H.M. 52nd Lt. Infantry
Captain P/T Andrews
& Ensign W.H. Napier
H.M. 56th [Punjab] Rifles

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