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Bhotan Field Force 1864-6

Monument of W.T. Garston at St Pauls Cathedral, Calcutta

Bhotan Field Force 1864-6
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Photo by John Kendall
Bhotan Field Force 1864-6


To the memory of
Major F.C. Griffin R.A.
Major W.T. Garstin 11th N.I.
Major R.G. Mayne 43rd N.I.
Major A. Cumine 1st G.R.
Lieutenant E.A. Anderson R.A.
Lieutenant E. Waller R.A.
Lieutenant K.W.S.M. Cameron R.A.
Lieutenant J.N. Urquhart R.E.
Lieutenant A.J.W. Cumming R.E.
Lieutenant C.G. Millet 11th N.I.
Lieutenant J.E. Kennedy 11th N.I.
Lieutenant T.R. Taylor 11th N.I.
Lieutenant E. Knatchbull 11th N.I.
Lieutenant F.T. Ripley 29th N.I.
Asst Surgeon M.J.S. Perreau Bengal Est
All of whom fell in the campaign in Bhotan

This tablet is erected by thier comrades in the late
Bhtotan Field Force

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