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Mutiny Memorial - Tablet 13

Monument of   Smith at All Souls Church Mutiny Memorial, Cawnpore

Mutiny Memorial - Tablet 13
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Photo by John Kendall
Futtehgurh Fugitives 10th N.I.
Colonel G.A. Smith Wife Child
Major R. Monro
Major J. Phillott
Lieut C.W. Swetenham
Lieut D. Henderson
Ensign R.S. Byrne
Surgeon T.C. & Mrs Heathcote
Musician W.M. Wrixen
Colonel A. Coldie Wife & Daughters
Lieut J.R. Monckton B. Engr. Wife & Child
Asst-Surgeon S. & Mrs Maltby
Contr. M Roban Ordnance Dept. & Family
School Master Sheils & Family
Sergt. Hammond Gun Agency Dept. & Family
Pensioner Faulknor
Mr M.B. Thornill Judge Wife & Children
Mrs Tucker & Children
Mr Alexander
Mr J. Brierley Wife & Children
Mr R. Brierley Wife & Child
Miss E. & Miss F Brierley
Mr Billington
Revd. D.E. Campbell Wife & Children
Mr Catania, Wife & Child
Mr Cawood Wife & Children
Mr Elliott Wife & Chilldren
Mr Finlay Wife & Children
Miss Finlay
Mr and Mrs Guise

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