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Bengal Governors Memorial

Monument of Robert Hedges at St Johns Church, Calcutta

Bengal Governors Memorial
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Photo by John Kendall
Close to this church
are interred the
mortal remainds of the
following presidents
& governors of Fort
William in Bengal
Robert Hedges,
(nephew of Sir William Hedges, first
governor in the bay of Bengal), assumed
office December 3rd 1713
Died, December 28th 1717.

Henry Frankland,
(great-grandson of the Lord Protector,
Oliver Cromwell), assumed office, January
30th, 1726, Died, August 23rd 1728

John Stackhouse
Governor, February 25th 1732
Buried, September 28th 1741

John Forster
Assumed office February 4th 1746
Buried March 27th 1748

William Fytche
Assumed office July 5th 1752
Died August 8th 1752

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