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Mutiny Memorial - Tablet 3

Monument of   Seppings at All Souls Church Mutiny Memorial, Cawnpore

Mutiny Memorial - Tablet 3
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Photo by John Kendall
2nd Light Cavalry
Major E. Vibart,
Capt E.J. Seppings, Wife and Children
Capt R.U. & Mrs Jenkins
Lieut R.O. Quin
Lieut C.W. Quin
Lieut J.H. Harrison
Lieut W.J. Manderson
Lieut F.S.M Wren
Lieut M.G. Daniell
Lieut M. Balfour
Cornet W.A. Stirling
Surgn. W.R. & Mrs Boyes
Vety. Surgn. E.G. Chalwin & Wife
Ridc. Mr. D. Walsh, Wife & Children
Sergt. Major H. Cladwell
Qr. Mr. Sergt. F. & Mrs Tress
Cornet C. Mainwaring 6th L.C.
Lieut A.J. Boulton, 7th L.C.

1st Native Infantry
Lieut Col John Ewart, Wife & Child
Lieut J.H.C. Ewart, 12th N.I.
Captain A. Turner, Wife and Child
Captain E.J. Elms
Lieut H.S. Smith
Lieut R.M. Satchwell
Lieut F. Redman
Ensign J.C. Supple
Surgeon A.W.R. Newenman, Wife & Children
Sergeant Major C. Hilling, Wife & Child
Quarter-Master Sergeant T. Andrews & Family
18 Musicians, 5 Women & 9 Children

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