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Mutiny Memorial - Tablet 1

Monument of   Wheeler at All Souls Church Mutiny Memorial, Cawnpore

Mutiny Memorial - Tablet 1
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Photo by John Kendall
The Glory of God
In Memory of
more than a thousand
Christian People,
Who met their deaths hard by,
between 6th June & 15th July
These Tablets
are placed in this the
Memorial Church.
By The
Government N.W.P.
Major Genl. Sir H. Wheeler K.C.B.
Lady Wheeler & daughters
Lieut C.R. Wheeler 1st N.I. A.D.C.
Lieut Col. E. Wiggens 52nd N.I. D.J.A.G.
Mrs Wiggens
Major W. Lindsay A.A.G.
Mrs Lindsay & Daughters
Ensign C. and Mrs Lindsay
Brigadier General Jack C.B.
Mr Jack
Capt Sir C. Parker 74th N.I. Cant. Magistr.
Capt Williamson 71st N.I. D.A.C.G.
Mrs Williamson & Child.

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