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Sohia Rees Owen

Monument of Sophia Rees Owen at Christian Cemetery, Cawnpore

Sohia Rees Owen
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Photo by John Kendall
[Sacred to]
the memory of
Sohia Rees Owen
the beloved wife of H. T. Owen Esq.
of the H. C. Civil Service
Who died on the 27th Nov 1834 Aged 31 years 11 mo and 18 days
leaving her husband & six children to lament her ??
She was a sincere friend a truly affectionate wife and most beloved mother.

"I know that ????
Who forgiveth all ???"

"He shall
Also here lie the remains of
her infant son, born 19th Oct 1834 and lived but 3 hours

"In heaven their angels do always behold the face of ???
Father which is in Heaven" St Matt. 18th Ch ???

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