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Jane Bates headstone

Monument of T.M. Bates at Lothian Cemetery, Delhi

Jane Bates memorial
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Photo by Patrick Horton
In memory of
Late wife of Thos" Bates
Garrison Serjt Major of Delhi
Who departed this life the 25th of June
1824 Aged 19 years
T.M. Bates Son of the above
Who died 25th November 1829
Aged 7 years & 9 months
To see in one shrt hour decayed
The hope of future years
To feel how vain a fathers prayers
How vain are all his fears
To think the cold grave now must close
O"er what was once the chief
Of all the reasured joys of earth
This is a fathers grief;
Yet when the first wild thob is past
Of anguish and dispair
To lift the eye of faith to heaven
And think my child is there
THIS best can dry the gushing tears
THIS yields the heart relief
Until the Christian"s pious hope
O"ercomes a father"s grief

I.Clifford 16th L?

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