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68th Regiment N.I.

Monument of Richard Tucker at St Pauls Cathedral, Calcutta

68th Regiment N.I.
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Photo by John Kendall
68th Regiment N.I.. 1857-9

In memory of
Captain Alexander Skene
Bt Major Robert Campbell Barclay
Captain Fiennes Sanderson Miller
Lieut James Augustus Dorin
Lieut Augustus Hay Alexander
Lieut William Henry Lumsden
Ensign Richard Tucker
of the 68th Regt Native Infantry,
Who died during the mutiny of
the native troops and subsequent
operations from 1857 to 1859; some
on the field of battle; some by th[e
ha]nds of their own followers; oth[ers
by d]isease; all doing their du[ty
This monum]ent has been ere[cted
by their fellow officers]

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