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Anna Moore

Monument of Anna Moore at St Johns Church, Calcutta

Anna Moores monument
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Photo by Patrick Horton
Anna Moore
Obiit primo Die Decembris
[Died the First day of December]
Anno Domini

Rilchritudo et Omnes Virtutes in sua(?lla)
dilectissimo un ice fuerunt
Beatus Illequitatem tenet Uxorem
beatissimus eram dum Vixit,
O Lector meum perpende damnum et nino dice
Quene inter Homines pulas miserrimum

Beauty doth la[y] interr"d beneath this stone
And evry Virtue sweetly joind in One
Blessd is the Man possess"d of such a Wife
Most bless"d was I while God preserv"d her life
Think what ??? lost kind reader tell me then
Who in this World is wretchedese of Men

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